First Call Resolution

I've seen a lot of different definitions of First Call Resolution, and I'm curious to know how customers define it.

The goal of First Call Resolution is to measure how many times calls were resolved during the first contact, without requiring follow-up. Since individual calls aren't tracked, it can be hard to exactly report on true "FCR", so a lot of definitions have been floated to try and define a measurable FCR.

In our IT Service Management Application we currently use this definition:

We're holding to the spirit of FCR, where a call is resolved very quickly after it is registered, and therefore doesn't linger and require a lot of follow-up.

Another definition I've seen is "Opened By = Closed By"; unfortunately, this doesn't necessarily get at FCR because it might be resolved by the same person days later, regardless of whether they were able to solve the issue quickly and promptly.

Have you seen any other definitions, or use any others yourself?

Conversely, does your organization use a different metric instead (e.g. something to measure call avoidance)?


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