DID YOU KNOW? You can easily fix duplicate field/table names

One frustration when working with your data source you may encounter is that some data sources have fields or tables that have the same label.

This is especially likely if the table you're reporting against is a join/database view between two or more tables.

Luckily, you can very easily fix this globally, and save you and your users a lot of heartache.

Navigate to File > Browse data sources and tables, select your data source, and then right click the appropriate table and select Fields:

In this example, you can see that the "Incident Metric" table has two fields both called "Active".

Right click the field you want to change and select "Edit Field." You'll be able to populate a label:

Now, your field will globally use your new label:

Of course, users are still free to change the label on individual reports, but at least they won't waste time because of confusing labelling in your data source.


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