Displaying Categories with No Data

Based on feedback from users like you, Explore Analytics continues to innovate and push your reports to the next level.

With our latest feature, you can show categories even if they have no data. In many cases, the absence of data can be interpreted as important information. For example, no outage records today actually means there were 0 outages today.

In the following example, we can see a sample aging report, which groups incidents based on how long they’ve been open. This report shows incidents that are 1-3 or 3-7 days old, but right now there are no incidents that have been open for less than one day or more than seven days:


This next report uses the new feature to display the categories that currently have no data:


This means that bars will be displayed in a consistent location when the user interacts with animation or slicer selections, and that users will always see all the possible categories.

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