New Slicer Option: Limit "ALL" To Available Selections

Explore Analytics continues to add new capabilities enabling more advanced interactivity for you and your users.

Slicers now have a new property: "Limit "ALL" to available selections."

This property is relevant if your slicer's input view is filtered.

If Limit "ALL" to available selections is checked, when the user sets the slicer to "all," the filter on the slicer input view will still be respected. If the property is unchecked, "all" will return everything, regardless of the filter on the input view

The following is an example from the CMDB Data Quality application.

The Category slicer has a filter to only display Categories where "Hide = False":


Thus, if the property is checked, then the reports will be filtered based on "Hide = False" even if the user selects all.

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