Link directly to dashboard tab and slicers

As part of our continual improvement of your user's experience, we have added new capabilities to the dashboard for richer interactive experiences.

Now, you can link users directly to a specific dashboard tab, and (if desired) to pass values for the slicer.

For example, we use this in our new Project and Resource Management Application.

If you wanted to link to the second tab the following dashboard from that application, you could use the URL:[dashboard_id]?s_tab=Project


If you wanted to pass in specific values to the slicer, all slicers are automatically available as parameters in the URL. If you wanted to link to the specific Portfolio and Project in the slicers above, you could use the URL:[dashboard_id]?s_tab=Project&project_title=Cloud%20Health%20management&portfolio=Green%20IT%20initiative

Within Explore Analytics, you can take advantage of that to link within dashboards as well. For example, on the first tab of the Project and Resource Management application, there is a list of projects (shown with the arrow below).


The Project URL indicated by the arrow is a link to the second tab of the dashboard. The URL is constructed like so:


The first parameter (${ds_this_dashboard_url}) dynamically provides the link to the dashboard, so that if you republish the dashboard and the URL changes you don't need to update the hyperlink.

The other two parameters (${short_description} and ${}) pass information from the report into the dashboard link.

In this example, we use this to link from the first tab to the second tab, and have the second tab show information specific to the project you've selected.

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