IF, NOT, AND, OR, =, >, <, !=


Explore Analytics has added the list calculation functions, allowing you to use logical expressions that evaluate to "true" or "false" while manipulating list information.

  • IF(logical expression,true value,false value) - If the logical expression evaluate to 'true', the result is the true value, otherwise it's the false value. The logical expression can use a comparison operator, but could also perform any calculation that results in 'true' or 'false'.
  • NOT(logical expression) - if the logical expression evaluated to 'true', then NOT returns 'false', otherwise it returns 'true'.
  • AND(logical expression,logical expression,...) - evaluated to 'true' if all the arguments evaluate to 'true'.
  • OR(logical expression,logical expression,...) - evaluates to 'true' of at least one of its arguments is 'true'

In addition to those functions, we have also added =, >, <, and != to allow simple comparisons.

Since these functions have been added, the COMPARE() and TEXT_COMPARE() functions are no longer needed. They will continue to be supported, but are deprecated.


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