Tabbed Dashboards

Tabs allow you to organize the views in your dashboard. Instead of showing a large number of views on a single page, you could organize them into several tabs, each with a small number of views.

Benefits of organizing your dashboard into tabs:

  • Tell the story. For example, by separating views that show “current” perspective from views that show “historical” perspective can help narrate and tell the story.
  • Improve performance. When the dashboard is loaded, only the views for the first tab are loaded. This means that the dashboard loads faster. Only if and when the user goes to another tab do those views load.
  • Slicers work better. With tabs it’s easier to see which slicers affect which views.

Creating Tabs

Use the Tabs button to give the first tab a title and to create additional tabs. Once tabs are created, you can select the tab and then Add View or Add Slicer to add content to the tab.

To move a view from one tab to another, simply add the view to the other tab using Add View and remove it from its previous location.

When you add Slicer to a tab, the slicer only affects views on that tab.

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