Modifying Track Trend Data

Tables within Explore Analytics are read-only. Therefore, any data captured by the Track Trend will be viewable, but can't be modified in Explore Analytics.

However, you can modify data on track trend tables using the following steps:

1) Navigate to Date > Browse Data Sources and Tables and select the explore data source. Right-click the track trend table you want to modify and select Export to CSV.
2) Make a copy of the CSV file (as backup).
3) Edit the CSV file to remove the duplicate records.
(We recommend using a text editor. If you want to use Excel, you have to be careful because Excel sometimes change the format of the date/time fields. You'll need to make sure Excel formats them as complete date+time fields to avoid losing any data there.)
4) Once the edited CSV file is ready (having the same name as the table), navigate in Explore Analyticss to Data > Upload a data file to upload the file. Explore Analytics will then tell you that the table already exists and give you an option to "Replace" the data:
Then you can verify that your views are reflecting the updated data.
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