Troubleshooting Missing Tables/Fields

When Explore Analytics adds a new data source, we automatically discover the tables and fields which are available to the service account you used to set up the data source.
If you are expecting to see a table or field that you don't currently see, this article will walk you steps to check where the issue may be in your configuration.
Are you the tenant administrator for Explore Analytics? If not, check with your admin.
Explore Analytics Tenant Admins can see all the tables/fields that have been discovered by Explore Analytics. 
Tenant Admins can also set read roles within Explore Analytics for any of those tables/fields, which may prevent some Explore Analytics users from seeing those tables/fields.
Tenant Admins can also delete tables/fields from appearing within Explore Analytics.
If you're not an Explore Analytics Tenant Admin, confirm with your Tenant Admin whether they have restricted or removed the field from Explore Analytics.
Can the service account access the table/field?
The most common cause for a table/field not appearing in Explore Analytics is because the service account provided during set-up does not have access to the table/field.
The easiest way to test whether this is the case is to log in to that data source as the service account, and test whether the service account has access to that field.
ServiceNow Note: The task table within ServiceNow is a unique case where in some cases the service account can access the task table through the UI, but not through Explore Analytics, if there are no ACLs on the task table. If you are trying to access the task table and can access through the ServiceNow UI but not through Explore Analytics, trying adding an ACL explicitly granting access to the service account.
Has the table/field been added since the data source was created?
Explore Analytics discovers tables/fields at the time the data source is created.
If new tables/fields are added to the Data Source after the initial set-up, Explore Analytics will not automatically detect them. Here are the steps to take to add the table/field:
If it's a missing table:
Navigate to Data > Browse Data Sources and Tables
Left-click on the data source and select Refresh this data source
Select Refresh new tables and click OK
If it's a missing table but you don't want to refresh all new tables
Navigate to Data > Browse Data Sources and Tables
Left-click on the data source and select Add a Table
Type the name of the table and click OK.
If it's a missing field
Navigate to Data > Browse Data Sources and Tables
Drill onto the data source
Left click on the table where you're expecting to see the field and select Refresh this table
Is the table you're looking for the Task table?

If the table you are looking for is the Task table, and the table you are looking for is the Task table, then you may be experiencing a known issue in ServiceNow.

In many instances, the Task table doesn't have any ACLs defined. ServiceNow's security model is "Default Deny" out-of-box (except for old instances), meaning that without ACLs, no user should be able to access the table. However, out-of-box there appears to be some logic that allows users to access the task table through the UI, but not through querying.

To resolve this issue, Explore Analytics allows you to create a property in ServiceNow that will allow you to query the task table.

If you are using the latest update set, you can create the following property on the System Properties [sys_property] table, and then refresh the ServiceNow data source:

Name: ealyt.whitelist_task_table
Type: string
Value: true


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