Custom Y-Axis definition for Timelines

Based on feedback from customers, we have added a new enhancement to timeline charts.

There is a new option on the header labeled "Y-Axis" allows you to change the Y-Axis of the chart. The default behavior, which was the behavior before this enhancement, is 'Auto', where the timeline auto-detects the range based on the data currently visible.

In the following example, 'Auto' detects data between 40% and 100%, which it uses as the range:


The option 'Zero-Based' auto-detects the 'max' of the range, but extends down to zero, regardless of the data. This example is the same chart, zero-based (range between 0% and 100%):


The third option, 'Custom' (which you can define clicking 'Config') allows you to manually define the range, regardless of the data:


For more information, refer to the Explore Analytics user guide on Timelines.

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