New Pivot Formatting Option: Don't Repeat Row Labels

Explore Analytics prioritizes improving our product based on feedback from customers using the product. As such, we have added a new flexible option to our multi-level pivots to hide repeating row labels.

For example, this is an example of the default behavior or pivots, with two Row labels ("Assignment Group" and Priority"):


You can see that the Assignment group "Amsterdam" repeats in each row within its grouping. Now, you can select the field in the Row Labels section (in this example, "Assignment Group") and then click the Format button in the Field Settings dialog. This will show you the new property, "Do not repeat the same label":


Once selected, the pivot above will look like this:


Note that this property is defined on each row label -- for example, the following pivot has three Row Label groupings, and the property is enabled for "Assignment Group" but not for "Category":


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